PhylteR is highlighted in a special issue of Molecular Biology and Evolution

An article written by LBBE researchers is part of the January 2024 virtual issue of Molecular Biology and Evolution, which is dedicated to inferential methods.

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For its 40th birthday, Molecular Biology and Evolution launched a series of virtual issues in 2024, highlighting the historical and contemporary contributions of the journal. The January 2024 virtual issue is dedicated to inferential methods in molecular evolution. PhylteR, a method for outlier detection in phylogenomic datasets developed by LBBE researchers, is part of the articles selected in this virtual issue:   

  • PhylteR: Efficient Identification of Outlier Sequences in Phylogenomic Datasets.  Comte A, Tricou T, Tannier E, Joseph J, Siberchicot A, Penel S, Allio R, Delsuc F, Dray S, de Vienne D M. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 2023 40 (11):msad234, https://doi.org/10.1093/molbev/msad234