Les Pinsons MigRateurs

The Pinsons MigRateurs association was created by LBBE doctoral students and aims to welcome newcomers and promote cohesion within the laboratory.
Our activities are mainly oriented towards non-permanents via mutual aid and scientific and social meetings, but we also propose various activities at the LBBE level.
All LBBE members can join the association!

Our main missions:

  • Welcome of newcomers
    • Integration weekend

    • PhD students survival guide
  • Scientific animations
    • Weekly student seminars
  • Social animations
    • Happy Hour
    • Advent enigmas calendar
    • Chocolate egg hunt
    • Blind’sons (music french day)
  • Professional integration
    • Biannual post-PhD seminar

Interested by an internship, doctorate or post-doctorate at the LBBE?
Contact us!